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Pesrsina Nature Park Directorate

5930 Belene, Bulgaria
5 Persin str.

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Historical inheritance

 Together with the natural sights, Persina Nature Park territory is a witness of a rich historical past. About this they are denoting the great numbers of monuments, as well as the works of local historians.
 On the territory of Belene municipality were found and registered more than 36 archeological objects from Roman, Early-Medieval and Medieval villages. One of the most attractive things is the Dimum antic wall - which was roadside and custom-house of great importance (Стоцио Димензис). The wall had taken part of all the historical events like the migration of Slavs, Abars and Goths, for which they were found proofs - objects from the separately cultural layers - dated from 1st millennium BC, when there was exciting the ancient Thracians village Dimum. During the Roman expansion 1st century AC it has became a prime fortification center.
 Here they are living three religious communities: Catholics, East Orthodox and Muslims.


In Belene and Oresh the bigger part of the population is consist of Catholics, which descents date as far back as 1086 AC. In the town there are two Catholics temples: "Birth of the blessed Virgin Mary", which is a sanctuary of the blessed Bishop Evgeni Bosilkov - the first Bulgarian that is pronounced for blessed by Pope John Paul II. It is a place visited by many Bulgarian and foreign Catholics; "St. Anton of Padua" - it has two bell towers and its built in 1898 - 1902 from the Right Reverend Henrick Dulce. The Orthodox Church "St. George" in Belene was built in 1879 and in the small interior there was a place for wonderful iconostasis. In the local historical museum you can see interesting exponents, showing the way of living and the customs of the ancient societies.
On the territory of Svishtov they are built a number of religious temples, with remarkable iconostasis: "St. St. Peter and Pavel", the church "St. Transfiguration", "St. Trinity" and etc... Proof for the centuries-old cultural-historical past of Svishtov are the excavations of the Roman and Early-Byzantine legion camp "Novae"; "Kaleto" hill, dated from XII-XIV century AC. In Aleko Konstantinovs house-museum it is reproduce rich and beautiful atmosphere, in witch had lived the family of this distinguished Bulgarian writer. In the historical park "Паметниците" there is arranged exposition, traced back the preparation and the force crossing over the Danube river from the Russian army in Russo-Turkish War in 1877.
Municipality of Nikopol has very rich heritage too: Medieval church "St. Peter and Paul" - was built during the Second Bulgarian Empire - XIII-XIV centuries; fountain "Elia" is an ancient sarcophagus, with Latin inscription - epitaph of Elia, early deceased wife of the Roman clerk Fronton; the church "Assumption" - built in 1840. This Orthodox Church, stronghold during the Renaissance is still active. Medieval Rock Church - operated in X-XI century.

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