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General information

Persina Nature Park is established on December 4th 2000 and covers an area of 21 762 ha. It is located on the territory of the three municipalities: Nikopol, Belene and Svishtov. Persina Nature Park is a unique for Bulgaria. Its proclamation is aimed to conserve and restore the Danube wetlands and reserve the natural state of the numerous islands. The islands are grouped in two island clusters - Nikopol Island Group and Belene Island Complex. The park is named after the largest Bulgarian island in the Danube-the Persin Island.The uniqueness and the great importance of the Belene Island Complex is the reason why it is declared a Ramsar site, the largest one in Bulgaria. Persina Nature Park is one of the 50 very important regions for the ornithology in Bulgaria. The park is part of the European Nature Protection Network NATURA 2000, both according to the Habitat Directive and according to the Bird Directive.

Persina Nature Park

 The natural state of the islands in the park, the unique location, the dynamic behavior of the Danube make Persina Nature Park one of the key members of DANUBEPARKS Association, which is established in 2014 as result of many years work and cooperation between 20 protected areas along the Danube. At this moment, 12 organizations are members of the association.

About Directorate

Protected area management is carried out by Persina Nature Park Directorate, created on May 10, 2001. It is directly subordinate to the Executive Agency of Forestry to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria. The Directorate is situated in Belene, a small town at the waterfront of Danube. It is housed in a spacious and modern Administration building with a Visitor Center. The building was built in 2006 with the financial support of Wetlands Restoration and Pollution Reduction Project GEF TF 050706 BUL

About Directorate


Team of the Directorate

  • Director – Stela Bozhinova
  • Biodiversity expert
  • Public Relation Еxpert
  • Financial control and regulation expert
  • Accountant
  • Ranger