"Fish in the Danube" i
Aug. 04, 2023

Children's eco-vacation'2023

"Fish in the Danube" is the topic of another lesson included in the eco-vacation. This week, the children from Municipal Children's Complex - Belene took part in it.
The experts from the Directorate of the "Persina" Nature Park had prepared interesting games and talks related to the habitat of aquatic animals. They introduced the children to the structure of the fish's body and the special adaptations to the living conditions that they have to swim, breathe, and feed in the water. The guests of the lesson were two small aquarium fish, which the children liked very much.
Speaking of the Danube river, considering it as a large biocorridor, the subject of migratory fish was touched upon, and especially of those that are threatened with extinction.
The children were shown the fish of the Sturgeon family – Beluga sturgeon, Sterlet, Danube sturgeon, Stellate sturgeon, Ship sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon. They learned that some of them are already considered to have disappeared from the Danube River. Sturgeons are one of the most endangered animal families on Earth. Aggressive human activity and a rapidly changing climate have a strong negative impact on their ability to survive. In the form of a role-playing game, the children turned into small sturgeon fish. They glued on whiskers to scan the bottom of the river and we started the game. They imagined that they lived in the Black Sea. There came a point when they had to migrate upstream the Danube River and encountered various obstacles along the way. Thus, in the form of a game, they learned about the life of these Danube giants. The Beluga sturgeon was the main character in the lesson, with its impressive dimensions of up to 6 m, which is almost the size of a medium-sized bus.
The topic of the lesson naturally spilled over to the other types of fish in the Danube River. We tightened the fishing rods, prepared the fishing tickets and played the game "For fish in "Persina" Nature Park. For the rest and finale of the theme of aquatic animals, we told the story of the crayfish, which takes care of its "children" by carrying them attached to its body for half a year.
The lesson "Fish in the Danube River" will be held once again, this time with the participation of the children from the "St. Marta" Center for community support, Belene, "Summer" studio.
And what is to come in "Children's Eco-Vacation'23"? We are about to introduce the insects. Follow us on the Facebook page of the Directorate of Nature Park "Persina".

Text and photos: Persina Nature Park Directorate
Photos: Municipal Children's Complex - town of Belene