Feb. 16, 2024

Exhibition in Visitor centre of Persina NP

Opening of the exhibition "Pelicans and Wetlands"

The Directorate of Persina Nature Park in partnership with the Municipal Children's Complex - Belene organized a series of lessons on wetlands in connection with the World Wetlands Day on February 2nd.  The theme this year was chosen by the children and it is Dalmatian pelicans. 
For a week, the children from the "I create" workshop, led by Mrs. Bistra Netzova, made models depicting the habitat of Dalmatian pelicans on the territory of the Persina Nature Park on Persin Island. The pelicans on the island nest on specially built wooden platforms that support the birds during the breeding season. The platforms on the island were built by the team of Persina Nature Park Directorate, every year they are repaired and covered with reeds.
It is interesting to note that the Dalmatian pelicans in Persina NP breed in the largest Ramsar site in Bulgaria, the Belen Islands Complex, and in this regard the lessons dedicated to the World Wetlands Day are linked to a story about their way of life. Wetlands are remarkable habitats, rich in biodiversity, water collectors, carbon banks, places where fish spawn, amphibians live, purify water, protect against floods, and perform many other functions useful for every living thing.
The models made by the children are exhibited in the Visitor Centre of Persina NP in a specially arranged exhibition dedicated to "Pelicans and Wetlands". The exhibition will be open from 19th February, with the opening hours of the administration.
Come see the world of Dalmatian pelicans through children's eyes. With love to the pelicans!
The lessons organized by the Persina Nature Park Directorate continue, and the secrets of biodiversity are just waiting to be unraveled. More to come!
Photos. PNPD and Municipal Children's Complex - Belene